A magnitude-6.4 earthquake hits Taiwan on Saturday morning, injuring hundreds and killing at least 14 people, Taiwan’s official Central News Agency reported.

More than 200 people are were rescued from a 16-story residential building that collapsed in Tainan, officials said.

As of Saturday night, dozens of children are among at least 150 people still unaccounted for in Tainan, CNA reported.

According to disaster officials More than 60 people in the city remain hospitalized.

“This was strong enough to not only be felt here in the [Taiwanese] capital city of Taipei but also in the southern provinces of China, Elise Hu, an NPR correspondent who was in Taipei when the quake hit, said in an interview with CNN. “Taiwan is very used to earthquakes and tremors, but this is far more significant than the island has seen in quite a while.”

More than thousands of people are now involved in rescue efforts, the disaster center said.

A 17-story residential building were more than 250 residents live, collapsed. A 10-day-old girl was found dead in the arms of her father, who was also killed, Reuters reported. Of the 14 killed 11 were found inside the building.

According to CNA, the country’s interior minister, they will conduct an investigation into the building’s collapse.

The earthquake’s center was located 15 miles from Pingtung, in southern Taiwan, according to the USGS, China Post reported.

There were at least four sharp aftershocks, the newspaper said.

-Malcom F.