CEBU, PHILIPPINES – The local government of Cebu City headed by Mayor Michael Rama has ordered city officials to halt purchasing or accepting heavy equipment and vehicles that are made in China because of its low qualities and it “deteriorates faster.”


Chairwoman Dr. Ester Concha of the Department of Social Welfare and Services (DSWS) and the City’s Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) for goods and services, informed all 21 department heads of City Hall on the matter.

Concha said, “During the Bids and Awards Committee -Goods and Services meeting on February 22, 2016, the committee has resolved not to purchase and/or accept heavy equipment vehicles that are made in China.”

According to her, Cebu City’s purchases of China-made equipment backfired with negative feedback having a sub-standard and low qualities in parts and performance.

“It was intimated to us that based on our prior experience China-made heavy equipment easily breaks, need high-cost of maintenance, deteriorates faster resulting in damage to the government. What we want are durable products that will serve much in the level of efficacy and effectiveness in public service,” she said.

Concha said the city would now rather purchase high-quality equipment that last much longer. So far the vehicles and heavy equipment of the city currently have are China-made. The problem is we dont have a list of the China-made equipment the city has so far purchased.

She said,”Actually, gusto sad na ni mayor kay ngano man mamalit ta bisan ingon nga barato lagi pero ang performance or ang quality di maayo, dli ra kaayo maguba. Bahala’g mahal atong mapalit basta brand new.”

“So, karon amo ibutang na sa terms of reference sa future bidding, iklaro namo nga di na ta modawat og China-made.”

There are, however, biddings done last year that includes the purchase of China-made equipment, Concha said they would be the last.

The BAC will include a provision in the terms of reference, the next time it conducts a bidding for vehicles and heavy equipment, that products made in China will no longer be accepted regardless if its 10 to 20 percent cheaper than other brands, Concha added.

But Chief Jose Marie Poblete of the Department of Engineering and Public Works (DEPW) whose office has been purchasing heavy equipment and service vehicles in previous years, said, he will clarify and ask first for a confirmation about heavy equipment of some US or European brand like Volvo which are manufactured in China are covered by the memorandum order. – Carl E.