Another group of more than a dozen Filipino fishermen from Barangay Cato in Infanta, Pangasinan, was reportedly harassed by the Chinese Coast Guard near the Scarborough Shoal (Philippine name: Panatag Shoal.)

The 17 fishermen that arrived from a week long sailing into the West Philippine Sea claimed that the Chinese Coast Guard used green-colored, blinding, laser lights to drive them away from their traditional fishing grounds.

Greggy Itac, the boat’s captain also said that the Chinese Coast Guard rammed a boat that was owned by fishermen from Subic, Zambales.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Coast Guard said it has yet to receive any report from the fishermen about the alleged harassment.

Scarborough Shoal which as about 198 kilometres (123 mi) west of Subic Bay is well within the Philippines’ 370-km exclusive economic zone.

China says the shoal is part of its historical claim to most of the South China Sea.