An anchor on China’s state-run television network (CCTV) has accidentally declared the Philippines as part of China, as tensions between the two countries run high.

China Central Television’s (CCTV) anchor, He Jia, made the claim during a broadcast that was repeatedly replayed on the internet.

It appears that the broadcaster meant to say that the Scarborough Shoal known in China as Huangyan Islands that is claimed by both countries are part of China’s territory.

“We all know that the Philippines is China’s inherent territory and the Philippines belongs to Chinese sovereignty, this is an indisputable fact,” the broadcaster said, which has since disappeared from the CCTV website.

Chinese netizens quickly reacted and joked online to the broadcaster’s nationalistic fervour.

“This anchorwoman is great, a good patriot, she has announced to the world the Philippines belongs to China,” said helenjhuang, a blogger.

“We should attack directly, send (Philippine President Benigno) Aquino packing and take back our inherent territory.”

“the Philippines have basically been making irrational trouble, if they want to start a war then we will strike, no one fears them.” another Chinese netizen said.

“If every Chinese spat once, we could drown (the Philippines).”

When contacted by the AFP, CCTV officials refused to comment on the reporters gaff and would not say whether the station had apologised.

When it comes to territorial disputes in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) Chinese media and diplomats always claim all of the areas as an “indisputable part of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”