A video showing a group of Chinese tourists shoving each other and using plates as a shovel in an attempt to gather up shrimp at a hotel buffet in Chiang Mai went viral on social media.

The behaviour of the tourists has been criticized by social media users and by the Thai media.

The video has been widely shared on Chinese social media, showing hungry tourists jostling each other shoveling the prawns and walking away with several plates overflowing with shrimp.

The video has been shared 34,245 times and garnered 22,600 reactions from social media users, in which many have been dismayed.

One social media user from the Philippines said, “In my country, the Philippines, most people have nothing. Very poor. But whatever they have, they share even with a stranger. They will never show this kind of greed anywhere. They will wait patiently in line and thank their host graciously. So when I spent 10 days in HK, I was floored by the rudeness of the people. I was a tourist and I was expecting the same hospitalility we show our guests in my country. Sad to say, there was none at all. And I am not exaggerating.”

“So disgusted to watch this kind of behavior…this is what happens when parents don’t teach their kids basic etiquette. They grow up to be….gosh no word to describe….” wrote another.

Another wrote: “I don’t mind if you are starving but i don’t know why you left so much food,” posting a photo revealing that a large amount of food went wasted.