North Korea has successfully sent it’s satellite into orbit during Sunday’s rocket launch.

According to The Associated Press the satellite pass over Levi Stadium in Sunday’s Super Bowl event.

“It passed almost directly overhead Silicon Valley, which is where I am and where the stadium is,” tech watcher Martyn Williams said in an email to The Associated Press. “The pass happened at 8:26 p.m., after the game. I would put it down to nothing more than a coincidence, but an interesting one.”

The game in Santa Clara, Calif., ended at 7:25 p.m.

According to the North American Aerospace Command (NORAD), North Korea now has two satellites orbiting the earth, each of the satellite completes its orbit in 94 minutes.

The United Nations are alarmed not by the satellite itself but the technology which Pyongyang has used to send the satellite into space. International community believes that the purpose of the satellite launch is to test the long-range missile capabilities of North Korea.

According to reports, it’s not clear if the satellite which is called Kwangmyongsong-4 or “Shining Star 4.” was even functioning.

The editor of the North Korea Tech website, Martyn Williams, which has been tracking the satellite wrote on Twitter that he could follow the satellite’s movements, but was unable to pick up any signal from it:

“We don’t know very much about it,” Williams told the San Jose Mercury News. “They’ve called it an ‘Earth observation satellite,’ which is a catch-all term that it will likely take pictures of the Earth.”

North Korea’s satellite launches has received condemnation from the international community citing that its a thinly veiled cover for missile tests.

The rocket that was launched on Sunday has a range of 6,300 miles, that would put the West Coast of the United States within its reach, the Washington Post reported.

Secretary of State John Kerry described it as a “major provocation” and a “flagrant violation of U.N Security Council Resolutions related to the D.P.R.K. use of ballistic missile technology.”

-Malcom F.