The two brand new FA-50PH fighter jets of the Philippines Air Force (PAF) was reportedly seen doing a fly-by over Ortigas business center in Metro Manila.

According to the people who saw the fighter jets, it’s flying at a low altitude circling over Ortigas and Quezon City alarming people who heard the jets passing by.

At least 3 jet fighters have passed over ORTIGAS in 30mins… Or it's the same one 3x…. Really low too— almost…

Posted by Michaella Recto on Sunday, February 21, 2016

According to a Reddit user, he also saw  low flying choppers, followed by a group of prop aircraft in formation over QC.

“Just right now, I saw low-flying choppers and a group of prop aircraft in formation over QC. They were headed south-east after circling a few times before the propeller aircraft caught up” said Reddit user atomic_cheeseburger.

“It woke me up. I thought its already China coming for us lol” another Redditor said.

According to the Philippine Air Force, the two FA-50 fighter jets will conduct a high-opener pass during the 30th anniversary of the EDSA People Power on Thursday, while the two combat utility helicopters will also conduct a flower drop at the EDSA Shrine in Ortigas Avenue.

“And while the (FA-50PHs) also made an appearance during the 80th AFP anniversary last December 21 at Clark Air Base, Pampanga, it had to be repeated so that Filipinos could see and feel that their AFP has (indeed) transformed,”

According to reports, PAF’s participation on the 30th anniversary of the EDSA People Power was requested by the EDSA-1 organizers.