MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines Air Force (PAF) is preparing more pilots to fly the F50 fighter jets the government has acquired from South Korea.

Air Force spokesman Col. Enrico Canaya said that when the remaining 10 units of the F50s have all been delivered, highly trained pilots will already be around to man and fly the fighter aircraft.

Canaya said, “Our pilots are presently picking up and gaining (flight) capability (preparing) as they are currently flying routinely the two F50s so that when all other aircraft finally arrives, they will be prepared to fly the supersonic fighter jets.”

Photo credit – The Maharlikan

Canaya said “Two out of the 10 jet fighters have been delivered and the PAF will conduct a public bidding for the purchase of the spare parts and other avionics needed to maintain the South Korean-made fighter jets.

He said, “2 more units of the FA-50 fighter jet will be delivered in December 2016.”

The Philippines, through government-to-government arrangement, obtained a squadron of F50 fighter jet from South Korea for P18.9 billion under the agreement contract signed with Korean Aerospace Industries (KIA) in March 2013. -R.Beerlak