Tom Cruise is known for strictly guarding his image, that’s why its surprising he is allowing a Philippine Senatorial candidate to use his image on political billboard ad.

Hon. Cresente Paez is a Congressman running for Senator in the Philippines, his campaign team came up with an idea of putting Paez alongside Tom Cruise in what appears to be a Mission Impossible theme billboard containing a few dialogues which also from Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible.

Image credit: TMZ
Image credit: TMZ

The billboard ad was criticized by social media users in the Philippines after someone posted it online, many expresses their anger and dismay, saying things like “Tom Cruise must sue him for using his image.”

But luckily according to TMZ, Tom Cruise’s longtime lawyer, Bert Fields, tells TMZ, “Since the ad’s meant to be funny and doesn’t imply an endorsement, I’m sure Tom’s not going to assert the right to protect his name and likeness.” Sidenote … the movie poster is from 2006. Sometimes there’s a bit of a delay when movies go international. -Ram Arciga