Two warships from the Minesweeper Division 51 of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) arrived in Manila South Harbor on Wednesday, March 2, for a three-day goodwill visit.

The Japanese Ship Takashima and Uraga make up the division, headed by Captain Toshiro Takaiwa. Both vessels are minesweeper-class used for hunting naval mines.

Captain Rolando Sarmiento, Philippine Navy’s superintendent of the Naval Combat Engineering Brigade Training Center, leads the ceremonial welcome of the delegates.

A shipboard tour was also held aboard the two Japanese ships by personnel from the Philippine Fleet and the Naval Sea Systems Command.

A courtesy call will be given to Vice Admiral Caesar Taccad, the Philippine Navy’s flag officer in command, by the Delegation head Captain Takaiwa together with his two commanding officers and Colonel Hideki Tanaka, Japanese Defense Attaché to the Philippines.

Promotion of regional peace and stability and enhance maritime cooperation between the two countries are the main agenda of the visit.