A two possible vaccines to fight the Zika virus is now being studied by an Indian bio-technology firm and one of the possible vaccines will enter pre-clinical trials in animals in two weeks.

According to the chairman of Bharat Biotech, almost a year ago it started work on the Zika virus while developing vaccines for chikungunya and dengue.

Bharat Biotech

Zika is spread by the same species of mosquito as dengue fever.

In order to fast-track the development of the vaccine the privately-held company is likely to seek government help for the regulatory clearances and the clinical trial process.

No instances of the infection has been recognized in India yet but earlier this week, the health ministry issued issued rules on the sickness, including an advisory that travel to affected countries be postponed or cancelled.

French drugmaker Sanofi Pasteur has additionally propelled a task to build up a Zika vaccine. While Japanese drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceutical is researching the potential outcomes of building up an immunization for the said illness. – Robert Beerlak